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62. MarketCounsel Summit Recap: My Conversations with Fintech and Wealthtech Leaders Shaping the Future

February 09, 2022 Tina Powell | C-Suite Social Media Season 3 Episode 62
In the Suite
62. MarketCounsel Summit Recap: My Conversations with Fintech and Wealthtech Leaders Shaping the Future
Show Notes

When it came to kick off Season 3 of In The Suite Podcast, I knew it was time to act bold and take risks, like so many of our guests from Seasons 1 & 2. So I abruptly canceled my December trip to Cabo, and moved by beach chair and blanket literally to Podcast Row at The MarketCounsel Summit, in the Fountainbleau in Miami Beach. And let me tell you, it was well worth it. 

The MarketCounsel Summit is the brainchild of Brian Hamburger, President and Chief Executive Officer of MarketCounsel and Hamburger Law Firm, and I want to dedicate this special extraordinary, first of its kind episode to him and the amazing team at MarketCounsel, to Brian’s daughter Ella and to his General Manager Ryan Marcus who were instrumental to my visit and mission to support female leadership In The Suite. 

You’re about to hear live, on-the-spot, in-person spontaneous interviews with industry leaders who continue to break the mold and shape the future of the wealth management industry: 

  1. Aaron Klein - Co-Founder and CEO, Riskalyze
  2. Shirl Penny - Chief Executive Officer, Dynasty Financial Partners
  3. Joel Bruckenstein - Financial Services FinTech Expert, Leading Industry Consultant and Producer of the Annual T3 Technology Tools for Today
  4. Shannon Spotswood - President of RFG Advisory 
  5. Craig Iskowitz - Founder and CEO, Ezra Group
  6. Allen Darby - CEO, Alaris Acquisitions 
  7. Robb Baldwin - President and CEO, TradePMR 
  8. George Tamer - Head of Sales, AdvisorEngine
  9. Marwa Zakharia - CEO, AssetBook 
  10. Rob Sandrew - Chief Growth Officer, Integrated Partners 
  11. Ryan Shanks - Co-Founder and CEO, FA Match 

No questions were prepared in advance nor meeting invites or fancy equipment. Just me and a mic going rogue. 

So ladies and gentlemen, I want you to sit back and relax as I take you into the 13th Market Counsel Summit. To hear from some of the industry's most prominent leaders. The ones making big headlines and bold moves, and redefining how the future of business gets done In The Suite. 

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