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EP 79 Leaning into Grit, Mastery and Growth with Shruti Joshi, Chief Operating Officer of Facet Wealth

January 18, 2023 Tina Powell | Shruti Joshi Season 3 Episode 79
In the Suite
EP 79 Leaning into Grit, Mastery and Growth with Shruti Joshi, Chief Operating Officer of Facet Wealth
Show Notes

In today’s episode of In The Suite, we’re honored to welcome Shruti Joshi. Shruti is the COO of Facet Wealth, one of the fastest-growing FinTech firms in America, empowering people to live more enriched lives through a no-minimum, flat-fee model.

Shruti is different from your typical leader in wealth management. She is a former consumer tech founder and a proven Fortune 15 executive with a track record of driving efficient and rapid growth across multiple B2C and B2B businesses. 

 Before joining Facet Wealth, Shruti was an Equity Partner/Director at Altman Solon, the world’s largest global strategy consulting firm focused on telecommunications, media, and technology. She was also the Executive Director of Verizon Communications, in which she was responsible for customer acquisition and bringing FiOS and other network products to market.  Most recently, Shruti has been one of the keynote speakers at Nicole Casperson’s FinTech Femme event!

Shruti initially joined Facet Wealth as an early investor and member of its advisory board. Over time she grew into the role of a consultant and eventually became the COO. Shruti admits that the role of a COO is one of the most misunderstood titles because its definition completely varies from company to company. However, for Shruti, being a COO is about bringing humanity to financial planning and changing the narrative around wealth-building models into something affordable and accessible to everyone. 

Our discussion with Shruti is incredibly powerful in gaining insights and a competitive edge. Shruti proves you do not need to be the founder of a company to make positive changes in the industry – there are other leadership roles in which you can utilize and leverage your skill sets to excel. Today’s episode is about making financial choices that align with your value system and, above all, dreaming big. 

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  • Welcome Shruti!
  • Highlights of The FEM event (03:08)
  • The Journey to FinTech & Facet Wealth (06:30)
  • The Role of COO (13:30)
  • How to Up Your Game To Become a Leader (16:15)
  • Work Culture at Facet Wealth (21:03) 
  • The Benefit of a Subscription-Based Business Model (25:44)
  • Health Wellness in Financial Wellness (28:09)
  • Tips on Raising Capital (34:35)
  • Aim High and Dream Big (38:24)
  • Shruti Outside Work (41:15)
  • Get In Touch With Shruti (44:15)
  • Shruti’s Choice of Charity (45:10) 

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