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EP 82 #LiveFromMSUM22 - Behind the Scenes of MarketCounsel Summit 2022

March 19, 2023 Tina Powell | MarketCounsel Summit Season 3 Episode 82
In the Suite
EP 82 #LiveFromMSUM22 - Behind the Scenes of MarketCounsel Summit 2022
Show Notes

Today, we're taking you on an exclusive journey behind the scenes of one of the industry's most coveted events: the MarketCounsel Summit. 

We spent an entire day recording 18 back-to-back podcast interviews. It was a marathon, but we couldn't have done it without the help of some truly amazing people. A huge thank you goes out to Brian Hamburger and Ryan Marcus from MarketCounsel, who helped make this episode possible. Erica Ellis, Conference and Event Manager from, was an incredible event wingman, and Kevin Hirshorn, our talented podcast producer and editor at large worked miracles to bring it all together.

Last, we want to thank the 18 guests you'll hear from in this episode. These experts generously shared their time and insights with us, and we couldn't be more grateful. 

  1. Brian Hamburger - Founder of MarketCounsel and the Hamburger Law Firm
  2. Joe Anthony - President & Co-Owner, Gregory FCA
  3. Megan Carpenter - CEO & Co-Founder, FiComm Partners
  4. Scott MacKillop - CEO, First Ascent Asset Management
  5. Suleman Din - Advisor Intelligence Lead, AdvisorEngine 
  6. Brian McLaughlin - President, Orion Advisor Technology 
  7. Eric Clarke - CEO, Orion Advisor Services 
  8. Aaron Klein - CEO & Co-Founder, Riskalyze 
  9. Joel Bruckenstein - FinTech Expert, T3 Technology Tools for Today
  10. Zach Conway - Founder & CEO, Seeds Investor
  11. Anthony Stich - CRO, Entrustody
  12. Spenser Segal - CEO, ActiFi
  13. David Wood - Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Gateway Financial Partners 
  14. Stephanie Bogan - Founder, Chief Possibility Officer, Limitless Adviser Coaching 
  15. Martine Lellis - Chief Talent & Administrative Officer, Mercer Advisors 
  16. Shannon Spotswood - President, RFG Advisory 
  17. David Canter - President, Bluespring Wealth Partners 
  18. Eric Godes - SVP, Senior Consultant, FP Transistions

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