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48. Understanding Risk Tolerance and The Powerful Impact of Giving Back with Helen Yang, Founder & CEO of Andes Wealth Technologies

June 18, 2021 Tina Powell | Helen Yang Season 2 Episode 48
In the Suite
48. Understanding Risk Tolerance and The Powerful Impact of Giving Back with Helen Yang, Founder & CEO of Andes Wealth Technologies
Show Notes

Ni Hao everyone! After months of waiting, we’re thrilled to finally introduce Helen Yang in today’s episode of In the Suite! Helen Yang is an inspirational and giving person. She’s a CFA by designation, a FinTech veteran for 20 years, a co-winner of the Harry Markowitz Award, an involved mother of two children, and an active board member of Asian Americans for Equal Rights. 

She started her career at Thomson Reuters and Charles River Development. Helen was dissatisfied with the ‘cookie-cutter’ service she was receiving from financial advisors. She realized that financial advisers didn’t have the right tools to deliver the kind of personalized insights and services she was looking for. With the mission to fill this gap, Helen founded Andes Wealth Technologies.

For the second year in a row, Andes Wealth Technologies was selected as a finalist in the 2021 Industry Award in the Risk Tolerance and Client Profiling category, and for the first time, a finalist in the Portfolio Analytics category. 

Helen is inspired by acts of kindness around her and volunteers extensively to give back to society. She serves on the board of Lexington Lions Club and Asian Americans for Equal Rights. 

In this episode, you will learn about her awe-inspiring growth journey and how she balances her personal and professional life. We also cover powerful and educational topics, including the identity and challenges experienced by Asian Americans and what we can do to combat hate. Helen also shares knowledge on why risk tolerance is essential and shares relevant stories.

Find the agenda of our conversation with Helen below:

  • About Andes Wealth Technologies (02:57)
  • How the pandemic made advisors look at risk tolerance differently (04:42)
  • Congratulate Helen on her recent success (06:20)
  • The importance of risk tolerance tools explained (09:20)
  • The backstory behind the company’s name (14.40)
  • Sharing the Harry Markowitz Award 2011 with Dr. Andrew Lo (16:06)
  • Helen’s impressive educational background (21.19)
  • Inspiration behind her career choice (22:08)
  • Helen’s advice to women who want a career in Fintech (25:30) 
  • Being an advocate for equal rights for Asian Americans (32:30)
  • Educating herself and others on Asian American history (38:00)
  • How can we support Asian Americans? (40:06)
  • “Good Deeds For Good Karma” (44:22)
  • Speaking at the Wealthies Forum (47:00)
  • Book Recommendation by Helen (55.38) 
  • Behavioral biases during the pandemic (1:03:19)

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