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50. Being Totally ‘Transparent’ and Leaning Into Wealth Management Trends with Diana Britton, Managing Editor of

July 09, 2021 Tina Powell | Diana Britton Season 2 Episode 60
In the Suite
50. Being Totally ‘Transparent’ and Leaning Into Wealth Management Trends with Diana Britton, Managing Editor of
Show Notes

It is an absolute pleasure to welcome Diana Britton In The Suite for this episode. Diana is the Managing Editor at and the host of 'Transparency with Diana B,' a podcast about advisors' personal struggles and healing.

Having started her career as an intern at The Daily Breeze, Diana is a self-made woman with an illustrious career who is now celebrating her 11th anniversary at, the industry's premier publication. 

Furthermore, just a few years back, Diana was acquired by Informa, a leading international intelligence, events, and scholarly research group that is listed on the London Stock Exchange and a member of FTSE 100, with over 10,000 colleagues working in more than 30 countries.

Her efficient work in content management systems, AP Style, InDesign, and SEO have been honored by the Trade Association Business Publications International (TABPI) and SIIA's Jesse H. Neal Awards.

Diana holds a Master's degree in Journalism from the prestigious New York University.  In the podcast, Diana admits that she 'fell' into the financial industry. The transition from her beautiful beach town in Southern California to the high-maintenance lifestyle of New York was difficult. It was a culture shock to her suburban bubble. However, navigating life in New York while being a reporter helped define who she was on a professional and personal level. 

In the podcast, Diana shares her initial day experiences, from learning the basic financial terms and tasks on the go, to writing detailed reports on everything from finance and investments, the trucking industry, entertainment and media, religion, social justice issues, and general news.  

Diana was recently featured on InsideETF's, Inside Wealth Stack, Women's History Month, in which she shared a quote, which reads:

"Women still represent just 18% of financial advisor headcount. The wealth management industry needs to create better career paths to bring more young women into the industry."

In our conversation, Diana gives us fantastic updates on this figure and provides advice to women who want to be in the finance industry. 

Diana hasn't missed a beat during the pandemic. She moved from Queens to Long Island with her husband and two young children, continued to work remotely as Managing Editor, and continued working on her podcast ‘Transparency with Diana B.' 

The podcast follows an open, transparent, and refreshing narrative in which she talks to financial advisors on their personal struggles and healing processes.  Her mandate is to bring these issues out into the open so that others may find healing. A podcast that will no doubt resonate with you and change your perspective towards life. 

From our conversation with Diana, listeners will learn the importance of being independent, proactive, a fighter, and some life lessons on living the moment.

Join the conversation to hear about:

  • Diana's background (03:00) 
  • Diana's journey to NYC (06:30)
  • The positives and negatives of reporting during the pandemic (10:50) 
  • How Diana got into WealthManagement and Financial Services Reporting  (17:20) 
  • Diana's advice to financial advisors (22:20)
  • Upcoming trends for 2021 (25:30)
  • How fits into the Informa universe (30:00)
  • About Diana's podcast (39:30)
  • Advice to women who want to be in the finance industry (50:20)
  • Diana’s Book Recommendation (54:40)